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Our team of expert pharmacists has unmatched experience in all aspects of medicines management, including systems design, implementation, administration and control.

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medication training
for care homes

Staff attending our full day training will understand how the body absorbs and eliminates medication, and appreciate how this will change in the ageing body. This gives them the confidence to recognise side-effects and monitor effectiveness.

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Medicines Administration records

We look carefully at Medication Assessment Records (MAR) for accurate or incomplete records, highlighting areas or individuals that are not performing well.

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Our training programmes are run by registered pharmacists. Packages can be adapted according to participants' requirements.


Are you aware that in recent inspection visits, over 30% of nursing homes and 21% of residential homes failed to meet CQCs' medicines management outcome standard ? (CQC Care Update Issue   March 2013).

Are your records of administration always complete and medication always available for your residents?

Do you have a clear plan to indicate how “to be taken when required “medication should be administered?

Do you really consider self-administration for your residents or are you just paying lip service with a policy and procedure that is never put into practice?

If not, you could face non-compliance with outcome 9 and also be non-compliant with outcome 21 (records) and outcome 4 (care and welfare) (CQCs National Pharmacy Manager comments June 2012), which can escalate to civil enforcement or criminal law actions.

How confident are you that your home and staff meet the essential standards?  Can you afford to take the risk of an inspection finding your standards inadequate?

Our team of expert pharmacists has unmatched experience in all aspects of medicines management, including systems design, implementation, administration and control; compliance audit and education.  We will devise a bespoke training regime specific to the needs of your business for delivery either at your premises or off site to suit you.  We offer full face-to face learning in a neutral environment which allows us to include content that engages all staff irrespective of experience.

The training is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and focuses on:

  • The importance of safe management of medicines in the care home.

  • How and why errors occur and how to prevent them.

  • The importance of keeping accurate medicines documentation.

  • Developing staff's understanding of the use of medicines for the older person.

Providers of medication awareness training to LGSS one of the largest public sector shared services ventures of its kind in the UK, wholly owned by Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire county councils.lgss

“I would like to thank you for the easy way it was presented and how easy it all was to digest and follow. The activities and the workshops that you did were the best.”

“Found the training informative, interesting and the sharing of information. Understanding the side effects and looking at the bigger of what medication they are on and the referrals etc.”

“The interaction of drugs with other drugs. Good clarification of covert. Very good revision on up to date practice clear and interesting.”

“I have learnt a great deal, it helps with putting things into the home with all your help, I will enter and advise this to the care home.”

“It was wonderful to hear you advice in such a professional and straight forward manner. Your passion for your job shows and everyone picked up the vibrancy and willingness to share your wisdom.”

I would like to express my thanks for the delivery of Medication Reviews for Care Home Patients and Care Home Medicines Management programme in Leicester City last year.”

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